Sometimes we think we are miserable, God is never going to love us or we do not deserve to be loved by God but believe it or not it is hundred percent true that God accepts us just the way we are and when we embrace His love for us and walk with Him every […]

Alright everyone, before we start, lets all honestly ask and answer ourselves these questions…… How do you feel about the future? How do you feel  about yourself? How do you feel about the bad words that have been said about you? How do you feel about the negative words people have said concerning the goal you […]

Hi everyone, this is the season most of us can’t wait for in every year. Glory to God for giving us, Jesus. Jesus took our place in the prison and offered us freedom. He delivered us from the bondage of sin and by His power and victory over the devil we are no longer slaves […]

Jesus replied: “But those whoever drinks of the water that I shall give Him will never thirst, But the water that I shall give Him will become a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.” JOHN 4:14 Jesus asked for a drink from the Samaritan woman (John 4), she was surprised as she asked […]

A beautiful day to you all wonderful people. Ah, well before I start let me turn on the heater in my room huh, I have to do that on and off always, too much heat in the room makes it kind of uncomfortable and the opposite too is unbearable just by the way. Before I […]

If I asked you to make a wish before reading this what will it be? Well, we all have things we wish for in life, yes so many things but the question is, will these wishes ever come true? Some of our wishes have already come true but there are others we doubt, simply because […]

Mark 9:29 He replied, “This kind can come out only by prayer.” You may have a question like this in mind if you give up on prayer or if you know nothing about the power of prayer. I used to ask myself sometimes that “What good does prayer do? After all, I have been praying […]