Alright everyone, before we start, lets all honestly ask and answer ourselves these questions……

How do you feel about the future?

How do you feel  about yourself?

How do you feel about the bad words that have been said about you?

How do you feel about the negative words people have said concerning the goal you want to achieve or about your circumstances?

Is there still Hope?

Well, Yes. There is Hope. I would like to share a story about a boy and his sick father.

This boy lived alone with his father. He loved him so much. His father was one of the amazing fathers you will ever think of. His father thought him everything a responsible and Godly Dad will teach his son. This illness from nowhere just brought what seems to be happiness between a father and son to total sorrow. There was no hope that this man was going to have the strength to live. This boy didn’t want to lose his dad. Doctors told him his dad wasn’t going to make it and so did friends. He refused to believe his dad wasn’t going to make it though it was obvious. His dad told him to go away to start a new life. He didn’t want his son to waste his time on him knowing he was going to die after all. But his son refused to. He stayed with his dad and every day his dad’s condition got worse.

Friends didn’t spare him their negative comments. People criticized him saying: ”Maybe you aren’t praying much for your dad.” He got to a point where he asked himself if God really loved his dad. He was surprised why a God-fearing man like his dad will have to suffer that way. His dad always said him ‘lets hope in God he knows best.’

His dad kept repeating that everyday especially when he saw how worried his son was.

One day the boy went out for a walk. While out there he kept on thinking about his father’s words:” Let’s hope in God.” He came home and said to himself: ”I’m going to keep my eyes on God and always tell him about my father’s condition.”

He prayed to God always, he read the Bible and always realized the joy that filled his heart and God’s peace filled their house. He realized that no matter how worse things go, God will always be available.

The  Doctor’s report came in negative but he took his eyes off them and focused on what God’s word said about his Dad’s condition. He read the bible to his dad always and they both trusted God.

Though things weren’t getting much better as they wanted, with their eyes fixed on God and their hope in God joy filled their hearts and every day seemed to be amazing. Six months later his Dad totally got healed and they both realized how good God is and never will He fail His promises…

The Bible says in Proverbs 13:12 that not having hope makes our hearts sick. In the story above(which I just made up 🙂 ) The boy stayed focused on his dad’s illness. (I actually wanted to give a scenario how hope really feels like through the story). He stayed focused on his dad’s illness and that made him so worried. He received discouragements from friends and people around him. But with his eyes fixed on God and all his hope in Him things began to change for the better.

You know what, without hope in our lives we feel really sick and terrified. Many people stay worried about their future but the good news is that Hope is found in God. He is our hope.

Keep your eyes off the disease and stay focused on God, Hope for healing. Keep your eyes off your circumstances and focus on God. He has the power to change us and lift us up.

God loves you. When all hopes are gone, when all doors are closed. When things seem to be going worse when there is nothing to be said. Lift your eyes up to God, pray to Him. Tell God everything. He is your comforter. The bible says with God nothing shall be impossible. Your life is not miserable you have God and believe God has the best for you.

This week I was studying about Stephen in Acts 7: 55. When Stephen was been stoned he lifted his eyes to heaven. Because he knew that no matter the number of people that rise against him, God will always be for him.

God loves you, dear friend. I pray that these words you’ve read today will inspire you and lead your heart to God. Just say to God: ”God you are all I have. My Hope is in You.”.

”For in this hope we were saved. But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who hopes for what they already have? But if we hope for what we do not yet have, we wait for it patiently.”. Romans 8: 24 – 25

Never Lose Hope. God bless you.



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