A beautiful day to you all wonderful people. Ah, well before I start let me turn on the heater in my room huh, I have to do that on and off always, too much heat in the room makes it kind of uncomfortable and the opposite too is unbearable just by the way.

Before I began writing this article I turned off the tv, opened the Bible and sat in the couch (the one closer to the heater) with my laptop on my lap, yes, and here I am writing. Whenever I make up my mind to write something I pray to God that he will speak to anyone that reads this, mostly my purpose for sharing articles on my blog is to always point people to Jesus, to simply tell them to Hope In God.

Over the past days, I have been reading about people who have found hope in God and are living lives knowing there is always a better tomorrow. The truth is, never determine your future by your present circumstance God is a God of miracles things can turn around at any time.

I turned off the television in order to stay focused at what I’m doing now, most of us need to turn off many things in our lives in order to stay focused at what God is doing in our lives. There are a lot of noise in the world today and most of them are meaningless, always stay close to God.

Life can be uncomfortable sometimes, in cold weather and hot too but whatever the circumstance will be, God will always grant us the strength to walk through and at the end expect great victory.

I love to hear what people share with me about the amazing things God is doing in their lives, most people say: ”I believe God is not done with me yet.”

God is not done with you, whatever he has begun in you he shall surely accomplish it. God loves you and will provide the very best in your life. If you are walking through fire now I encourage you not to give up, look up to God, stay focused, have faith in him alone and believe in his word. God will never disappoint you, he shall increase you and bless you in due time.

There is nothing too hard for God, with God nothing is impossible, I encourage you, dear friend, to declare God’s word over your life every day, Read the Bible always to discover what God says concerning your situation, the healing God will strengthen your bones and cause you to rise up victorious.

Let go the negative comments people have made concerning your situation, the Bible, the true words of God says, if Jesus sets us free we shall be free indeed. Friend, I encourage you today that the fire shall be over soon, the painful conditions shall end soon. Believe in the victorious God, the God of heaven armies. Rise up, go out, live life and believe God is working things out for the best. Trust in God and walk in his ways all days.

I’m ending today’s blog with a verse from one of my favorite scriptures.

Psalm 25: 4-5 :”Show me your ways, Lord teach me your paths. Guide me in your truth and teach me, for you are God my Savior, and my hope is in you all day long.”

If you would like to write to me kindly click here.

May God continue to bless us all. Blessings.



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