Hello Friends,

I pray this message reaches you well, strong and on purpose and even if you are in bad times or times you really wont describe as exciting I pray your heart won’t be moved and that you will continually find hope in God through Jesus Christ our Lord,

I would love to share a few words from Job 22: 27-28.. and it says: ” You will pray to God, and He will hear you, you will decree a thing and it will be established for you; and light will shine on your ways.”

God is not a failing God neither is he a delaying God he is a God of truth, a God that does things in their perfect times. I love the words written in Job 22: 27- 28. God promises to hear and answer our prayer, and when we will speak faith over the battles we are facing we will be victorious.

Do not let what you are facing today cause you to lose faith in God but use this as an opportunity to draw closer to God, and lean only on him. God is your strength, he is your provider and refuge. You haven’t lose, victory is just about to begin if you will just open your eyes, rise to your feet and put God first.

Friends, I am encouraging you to Pray and believe in God, speak life over your situation, declare the good news of God over your life. God is with you, He is for you and not against you. Begin to pray, have faith him, I assure you victory is coming.

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