Being thankful to God in all circumstance is one way of telling God that He alone can help you out of every situation you face in life. When we give thanks to God even in the most difficult part of our lives, God rises and comes to our aid.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.  Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord for ever. Psalm. 23: 4 & 6

Our problems never surprises God, God is never surprised by your circumstances, God never sits down to plan on how to get you out of a terrible condition you find yourself, He already knows how to lead you out, because nothing is above God’s power.
In psalm 23 David said although he may walk through a valley of shadow and death, but he will never be afraid because he believes there is a strong God who protects him. You may be surrounded by shadows in your life, but never be terrified, declare God as your refuge, this is a way of being thankful to God, no power of the evil world can overcome you if you believe in God with all your heart (Read Psalm 23).

You may ask: “But Edmund, you just don’t  understand what am going through in life, I have  been trusting God for a very long time but I just don’t see any improvement in my life, I can’t feel the power of God working in my life.”

Yes that is very true, there will be times where you feel as if God recognizes you no more, there will be hopeless times, but remember God is always God, He never gives up in working things out for your good, so never give up in trusting Him. I can feel how it feels to be in a hopeless situation, people will only look at you and discourage you, but God has His own perfect ways of working things good for your life.

The bibles talks about a woman who has been suffering  severe bleeding for almost twelve years in her life, she has been to the best doctors but she only found her situation growing worse each day. She finally met Jesus, touched Jesus’ clothes and got her healing.

For she said, If I may touch but his clothes, I shall be whole.
Mark 5:28.

This woman believed in Jesus, and set her heart on Jesus Christ, she believed that Jesus will not get her situation growing worse but will heal her and make her whole. Being thankful to God requires faith, trust, and joy. Do not just focus on your situation, that will keep your eyes from God, stretch your hands and touch the clothes of  Jesus through prayer and trust. God will never fail you in anyway.

But Edmund, I have been trusting God for a very long time, I am very thankful, but I can’t feel the Hand of God in my  life, why?

Beloved, may be, you may be living a life that is contrary to the word of God, when you sin, you create a gap between yourself and God, but thanks be to God, Sin has no control over your life anymore because of the finished work  of Jesus Christ on the cross. Ask Jesus to come into your life and ask God to forgive all your sins, I suggest you read Psalm 51. God will forgive all your sins to keep you close to Himself each day.

Do not look at the symptoms of your sickness, or your relative’s sickness, be thankful to God, do not have any seed of doubt in your heart, I understand how it feels when life feels hopeless, but always declare that “I believe God is on my side”. When God leads you to fight any battle in your life, you shall be victorious, no power can condemn God, and no evil can stop God from working things good in your life.

Then you will call upon Me, and come to pray to Me, and I will listen to you. Jeremiah 29:12

God listens to every request you make in prayer, at times after praying I ask myself “Will my prayer be answered, Has God even heard them?” Yes, the Holy Spirit tells me, “God has heard you, and He will accomplish His will in your life”. Amen.

I always believe that, there is a God in Heaven, who loves me, and sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay for my sins on the cross, and today I can boldly declare that I am not a slave to Sin. Friend, you are also not a slave to any evil object, do not feel odd, God loves you, so tell Him about your financial difficulties, your disease, your family and every area of your life, and keep praising God for who He is.

I don’t want you to read this article and end up saying “OK” I want you to understand that whatever matters you also matters God. Do not blame people or even yourself for whatever circumstance(s) you may be facing in life, focus on God, do not spend hours lying on bed thinking about your problem, that won’t solve the problem, why won’t you look for the solution to your problem and the only solution you have is God. It doesn’t matter how evil you have been, it doesn’t matter your condition, God will set you free and you shall share your testimony with people.

Our God reigns, be of good courage my friend, God will stop every bleeding in your life in Jesus’ Name. Do not be discouraged or be disappointed, just start dreaming big, pray for your family, decree and declare God’s word upon the life of your Family, wake up everyday and expect something joyful, expect good news, from God, read God’s word, pray to God, and sing songs of praise to glorify His name.

Being  thankful to God, shuts every door of the devil in your life.
Being thankful to God, is a way of telling God that He alone can help you out of your situations or your circumstances and they will never harm you again.

This article by Edmund Appiah is in three parts, if you missed the previous  part Click here to read.


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