Prayer is a very important activity in a Christian,s life. But the question is, does God answer prayers? If He does, why do we at times feel our prayers are not answered? God is a prayer answering God, He loves us and always wants the good for us, no matter how long you have prayed asking God for something, never think God is not ready to offer you what you are asking Him for. I would like to teach you three important things you should apply in your prayer life, I have applied this in my life and its working things out for my good, and I know will work for your good as well.

1.Have A Personal Relationship With Jesus: One key item needed in prayer and even our life is having a personal relationship with Jesus. We have to accept Jesus into our lives as our Lord and personal savior, by doing this we become in union with God. Jesus Christ came into the world to die for our sins and through His death we reconcile with God. When we have a personal relationship with Jesus, our sins are forgiven and we begin to live a new life under the guidance of Jesus Christ. Since we become one with God through Jesus Christ, our prayers move directly to God and answered. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? If no, then CLICK HERE to begin a new life with Jesus.

2.Have Faith: “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” Matthew 21:22. Faith is the second key thing needed in prayer. Bible says, id we believe we will receive whatever we ask for in prayer. There is nothing hard for God to do, if we have faith in God, He will grant us whatever we ask Him of. Do you doubt when you pray? Let go all doubts from your heart, just have faith in God, pray to Him and in your heart believe you will receive what you have prayed for.

3.Patience: We have to exercise patience, at times what we ask God won’t be given to us quickly it will take time. Because God knows what is best for us. No matter how long it takes, believe that God will answer your prayer. God’s time is the best, and in His time, He gives us the best. God will never disappoint you, He will supply all your needs in abundance.

Be encouraged my friend, whether you are praying for healing, job, promotion, whatever you are praying to God for, keep believing He will supply them.


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